First ABET Accredited B. S. in the U. S.
The Science of Intelligent Systems and Robotic Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

ABET Accreditation Makes a Difference

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Distinguished since 1998, Mechatronic Engineering at Chico State, remains the only ABET accredited undergraduate degree program in the U. S.

Tesuro Mori

Tetsuro Mori

Tutsuro Mori, the creator of the direct input-output system (DIO System, and a senior engineer of Yaskawa Electric Corp. of Japan, coined the term mechatronics in 1969. Mechatronic Engineering has evolved into the science of Electrical, and Computer Engineering to design, develop, fabricate, and test smart systems. These systems can be taught to learn to improve their performance and become intelligent machines. Three examples of intelligent robotic systems are Honda's ASIMO, a very advanced humanoid robot, Honda's U3-X, a personal vehicle, which gives new meaning to individual mobility, and Google's self-driving vehicle that makes mobility available even to the blind.

Senior Projects

As a senior in Mechatronic Engineering, students are required to produce a working prototype or a turnkey machine that meets a paying customer's specification. The work is conducted by a team of three to four seniors. Teams consist of Mechatronic and / or MechanicalEngineers and students will design, develop, fabricate and test a system for a commercial customer. Customers have paid anywhere from $5000 to $145,000 for their projects. Some of these could be proprietary.

Mechatronic Salaries

National and state salary distributions are accurately furnished and graphically overlaid by Private Sectors, Local Governments, State Governments, and by the U. S. Federal Government at Recruiter.

MECA Curriculum

The Mechatronic Engineering Curriculum, as shown in the Curriculum Flow Chart, could be described as a well-balanced marriage between Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering. The Course Curriculum is constantly upgraded to keep our graduates current with the industries.

Senior Project Examples

Employers and Graduating Seniors

Mechatronic Employers seek ABET accredited engineering graduates, as it ensures highly qualified candidates are prepared to be employmed. Chico State Mechatronic Engineers graduate receiving an ABET accredited degree and generally start at $50K or more. The median Mechatronics salary earned by a fresh graduate may vary as the economy and as candidates gain experience. One source,, lists the average Mechatronic Engineer salary within the United States as $87,000 per year as of September 27, 2014. Mechatronic Engineers are hired by significantly diverse industries and professionally perform within a wide range of careers. In Process Industries, they could be hired to design complex, miniaturized components within a system or they may be hired to design the automation of an entire processing system. In Medical Industries, bioengineering concepts and methods are used to designed, build, and test diabetic insulin pumps; within law enforcement, robots are engineered to assist officers overcome mobility and obstructions problems during life-saving search and rescue operaions; in the military, our graduates design, build, and test autonomous flying machines that support troops in the reconnaissance surveillance and are fundamental in penetrating inaccessible targets; and, Mechatronic Engineers design, build, and test farming implements useful in autonomous farming . These examples demonstrate just how versatile Mechatronic engineering achievements are and show how engineering is changing world around us.

Mechatronics News

Automation has permeated a globalized world and embedded controllers are showing up in every industry. This is good news for graduating seniors looking for jobs. Mechatronics Zone is an online Journal that posts current jobs in the U.S. as well as noteworthy news articles.